A-11-Y Bootcamp!

Your one stop site for all your accessibility solutions.
A-11-Y, based in South-Africa is here to assist governments, organizations and individuals across Africa with accessibility related enquiries and training.

Why Accessibility?

People with disabilities are estimated at 10% of the general African population, but possibly as high as 20 percent in some regions.

The vast majority of Africans with disabilities are excluded from schools and opportunities to work, virtually guaranteeing that they will live out their lives as the poorest of the poor. By ensuring that environments and digital content is accessible, you, your organization or your government can make sure that we include persons with disabilities.

We ensure equal or universal access for everybody in order to break down the barriers, that keep people living with disabilities from living their lives to the fullest.

One of the largest contributors to inaccessible environments and digital content is the lack of knowledge and expertise.

Our mission!

To educate, train and assist individuals, organizations and governments to break down those barriers and to make the digital divide smaller in Africa.
We offer a range of accessibility services to make your company inclusive. Register for A-11-Y Bootcamp for our free Accessibility Foundation course, earn your “I am Accessible!” badge and assist us in building an inclusive Africa.

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