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Your support for this book on Amazon is really very important. The audio version will always be for free but, if your have read our commitment on the home page, you will notice that we have a project where we wish to train at least one accessibility professional in each African country before the end of 2025. Buy reading or buying this book on Amazon, you help us to make that a reality.

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About the book

Let there be light is not just another book on digital accessibility and disabilities.

In fact, the author wishes to help you as my prospective reader, to change your way of thinking by proving to you, that accessibility and universal design are there to help you to work and play easier.

Whether you produce or consume electronic content on earth, you are already part of the evolution of the metaverse.
You should read this book to understand why, and what you must do to make sure humans and machines can understand each other in a way that is beneficial to us all.

Apart from change your thinking with the aid of some concepts and principles, the book will also serve as a pocket guide for developers and designers that need to reference the most used accessibility guidelines on earth.
Not only does this humble writing contain the Web content accessibility guidelines 2.2, but you will also find the complete Game accessibility guidelines and the Section 508 trusted tester process all in one easy to navigate section. As a little extra, I also included mobile accessibility guidelines and the working draft of the W3c accessibility guidelines 3.0. however, it is not only for those that have a more serious relationship with code dear reader, it is for you as well with easy to understand steps that you can implement in your daily tasks to make things easier to understand, operate and consume.

The author is totally blind and uses assistive technology for a very long time. This book was created using completely free assistive technology, even the cover art was generated, using text only and of course the help of artificial intelligence.

At the start of each chapter, the reader also gets the opportunity to become a listener as well. Directly underneath the chapter headings, is a link to an audio file that you can download and listen to on your own time.
All audio descriptions was generated using a guy called Bryan, he is not quite human but extremely likable.
Open yourself to the concepts, ideas and guidelines herein, you will be richer for it.