We aim to bridge gaps!

  1. The accessibility gap between software and users of assistive technology.
  2. The gap between designers, software developers, architects, builders, owners of public facilities and training providers, and users of their products and services.

  1. By providing, one-on-one or group training in the use of software with their respective assistive technology.
  2. By the providing of training, coaching, and mentoring of providers of products and services to improve accessibility for all the users of that product or service.
  3. By the providing of affordable, comprehensive digital accessibility test reports on websites, documents, and other electronic publications.
  4. By always raising the accessibility bar by conducting research to find ways to make assistive technology work better and more affordable.
  5. By conducting accessibility assessments of the highest quality in the built environment.

It is all about bridging gaps!

A-11-Y South-Africa believe that hands-on well planned training is the only way to ensure that users of assistive technology can fully compete for employment in the open market.

We offer training on a one-on-one basis to any person that use assistive technology such as a screen reader, in the use of all Microsoft products such as office365, windows 10 and windows 11.

We also train users in the use of NVDA, Jaws, Microsoft Narrator and Microsoft magnifier.
We are here to truly assist employers and employees with proven and affordable training solutions.

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A myth exists that employers must buy expensive screen readers and magnification software in order to employ a person that live with a visual disability.
Free screen readers such as NVDA and Microsoft narrator works perfectly well with all Microsoft products, and web browsers.
We can assist organizations across Africa to install and use these products and train your employees to use them with your organizational software.
please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to connect with us so that we can prove to you how well these products work in the workplace.

A-11-Y South-Africa aims to harness existing technology, such as opensource libraries, free assistive technology and the experience of persons living with disabilities to bring cost effective, affordable, and sustainable accessibility and usability test reports from South-Africa to the rest of Africa and the world.

Ninety-seven percent of websites have accessibility and usability problems and will stay so unless website owners and content creators can find a sustainable solution to assist them to address the current issues on there websites and other electronic publications.

Not only does the cost of assistive technology creates significant barriers for persons living with a disability, low bandwidth, inaccessible content, and lack of knowledge form part of the ever-increasing gap that exclude the most vulnerable among us from freely participate in society. We aim to bridge this gap by partnering with technology giants, to stand on their shoulders, to utilize existing systems to create a platform containing low-cost, high-quality accessibility reports of all known websites, prioritizing websites in low to middle income countries. The more accessible a website is, the more users, especially users of low-cost devices, will be able to use, operate and understand the content. We believe that the need for reasonable accommodation reduces as electronic content become more accessible.

We provide the highest quality automated accessibility reports as the first step for your digital accessibility journey for less than $100!
These reports are not the average free one pager supplied on other websites, see for yourself why these reports are so helpful by following the link below.
Automated accessibility report for sacoronavirus.co.za
These reports cover all linked pages of the website plus include the links to the pages where the errors are located and remediation advice on how the fix the accessibility issue.
In addition to these reports, we also offer manual testing as your second step on the digital accessibility journey.
All our manual testing are conducted by disabled, certified section508 trusted testers, of which we employ the only two certified individuals currently in South-Africa.
We follow the trusted tester process and deliver the highest quality reports including remediation advice or we can also remediate the issues ourselves for you.
For more information about this, please visit our A-ll-Y Shop for pricing.