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A-11-Y South Africa, offers affordable, and sustainable, Accessibility Services to assist governments, organizations and individuals across Africa.

Meet the Team

We are a highly qualified, accredited, and affiliated team of accessibility expert consultants, which assist government, state owned enterprises, organizations, companies and individuals with their accessibility needs across Africa.

We offer a full range of affordable services ranging from digital accessibility testing and remediation to build environment assessments, inclusive design coaching, accessibility related training and a range of other disability support services.

All consultants are members of the international Association of Accessibility Professionals and subscribe fully to their code of conduct.

You can read more about the IAAP here.

Colette Fransolet

On the built environmental accessibility side, the highly qualified universal design specialist, Colette Fransolet, with an extensive list of qualifications and achievements can aid you with all your built environmental accessibility needs.

You can follow or read more about Colette Fransolet on LinkedIn here.

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Eugene Smith

Our digital accessibility team are championed by accessibility specialist Eugene Smith, with more than 30 years intense information technology experience.

You can follow and read more about Eugene Smith on LinkedIn here.

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Ariana Smith

The youngest addition to our Accessibility Specialist team. At a young age, she already holds the highly sought-after qualification of DHS Section 508 Trusted Tester, only one of two certified individuals with that title in South-Africa.

You can follow or read more about Ariana Smith on LinkedIn here..

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